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Discover the history of Newstead House and fly through the beautiful rooms of this classic colonial home in Flight Through Newstead. Enjoy Newstead House in this fun, whimsical, and immersive experience while learning about the history and occupants of this timeless Queensland heritage site. Enjoy the nostalgia and serenity of the home while uncovering and encountering the historical occupants of this home. In this hybrid flight simulator and 2D visual novel, complete 3 stages of fun gameplay, flying through the environment as a finch, guiding Bree, a small child that is visiting Newstead House for the first time. Together, meet and interact with the old occupants of the house as you piece together the history of the house by collecting the historical clues located around the rooms. Fly through the golden hoops located around the house to collect the historical clues while avoiding the furniture and obstacles that are blocking your path. Fly around objects or boost your way to success as you reach the finish line and unlock the historical narrative of Newstead House. 

Flying around Newstead House is just one part of this game. Enjoy a unique narrative that represents the history of this site in a unique and engaging manner as you discuss the home’s many uses with the people who used to occupy the house. Explore and discover Newstead House’s vestibule, drawing room, and dining room in a unique environment that utilises models and scenes crafted to represent this Queensland icon.


Programmer - Taylor Hall

Designer - Elaine Coomber

Designer - Bree Grant

Artist - Sienna Wilton

Install instructions

Step 1: Download Zip File

Step 2: Extract file to location of choice

Step 3: Launch Flight Through Newstead.exe


A flight Through Newstead

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